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Is Dames Rocket a perennial?

Dame's rocket is a biennial, meaning it blooms in the second year. However, it is a self-sower. If it's allowed to drop seed, you'll soon enjoy a continuous yearly bloom, as with a perennial plant.

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Similarly, it is asked, how does Dame's Rocket spread?

Dame's rocket has escaped from gardens and is rapidly invading the surrounding landscapes. An abundant seed producer, Dame's rocket is dispersed with the aid of mammals. When the seed-bearing pods ripen, they pepper seed onto the coats of a wide variety of wildlife, allowing for extensive seed spreading.

how do I get rid of dame's rocket? Once properly identified, Dame's Rocket can easily be removed by pulling out the root by hand, if the soil is soft, or by digging the root out with a small spade. Because it is an invasive species, Dame's Rocket is not to be purchased or planted in Wisconsin.

Subsequently, question is, how do you plant dame's rocket seeds?

Plant Propagation: Dame's Rocket is grown from seed. Directly sow seeds in the spring, or in the fall. Keep the soil moist. Plants will grow 1 - 4 feet tall.

What does dame's rocket look like?

Dame's rocket bears loose clusters of attractive, fragrant, pinkish-purple to white four-petaled flowers on 2 to 4 ft. stems. However, garden phlox has flowers with five petals (dame's rocket has four) and opposite, untoothed leaves (dame's rocket has alternate, toothed leaves).

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