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Is cloudyn free for Azure?

Azure Cost Management licensed by Cloudyn, a Microsoft subsidiary, is available for free to customers and partners managing Azure, with additional premium capabilities available at no cost through December 2018. Multi-cloud solutions are offered as well for AWS and Google.

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Thereof, what is azure cloudyn?

Cloudyn, a Microsoft subsidiary, allows you to track cloud usage and expenditures for your Azure resources and other cloud providers including AWS and Google. Cloudyn helps optimize your cloud spending by identifying underutilized resources that you can then manage and adjust.

Also Know, how do I turn on cloudyn in Azure? To activate an account:

  1. In the Cloudyn portal, click Settings in the upper right and select Cloud Accounts.
  2. On the Microsoft Azure Accounts tab, look for accounts that have an unactivated subscription.
  3. To the right of an unactivated account, click the edit symbol that resembles a pencil.

Also know, how much does it cost to monitor Azure?

Estimating the costs to manage your environment Start by entering "Azure Monitor" in the Search box, and clicking on the resulting Azure Monitor tile. Scroll down the page to Azure Monitor, and select one of the options from the Type dropdown: Metrics queries and Alerts.

How do I register my Azure subscription?

In the upper-right of the Azure portal, click your user information and then click View my bill. Under Billing Account, click Subscriptions. Under My subscriptions, select the subscription. Your rate ID is shown under Offer ID.

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