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Is citristrip safe on fiberglass?

Citristrip might do the job but it is a household product and may not be compatible with the resins in fiberglass or smc. Compatibility with fiberglass is stated on their web site "It will leave the fiberglass sticky. Fiberglass stripper is the best choice."

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Also, will paint thinner damage fiberglass?

Acetone and paint thinner should only be used for stains such as oil or paint. Since these materials can harm the fiberglass, only use them to tackle especially bad stains. Spot clean using acetone and paint thinner, so you don't damage any areas not heavily stained.

Similarly, how do you remove gelcoat paint from fiberglass? Apply a thick coat of Marine Strip over the whole surface to be stripped using a flat blade, roller or brush. Let the product work for the desired length of time. To remove Marine Strip and any dissolved paint, rinse it very thoroughly with fresh water and a brush or pressure washer (use hot water to make this easier).

Also to know, will citristrip harm glass?

Note that I ALWAYS use citristrip on sashes - it works well, doesn't damage the glass, and it's my old standby. Then I go back and clean up using a wet stripper - sometimes I use citristrip, sometimes peel away.

What do you use after citristrip?

Use a clean abrasive pad dipped in Citristrip® Paint Stripper After Wash or Klean-Strip® Odorless Mineral Spirits to loosen remaining stubborn bits of paint. When the wood looks clear of all finish, clean the surface of all residue with soft cloths dipped in Citristrip® Paint Stripper After Wash.

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