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Is China Airlines good to fly with?

Overall I though that China Airlines is a very nice plane to fly. The one thing that Delta had was the in flight entertainment which China Airlines does not have. By the way if you are flying to Shanghai you might have to get bused from the airplane to the terminal.

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Consequently, is China Airlines a good airline?

Air China is a carrier based on mainland China, in the PRC. It has a very good safety record on international flights (impeccable until a crash in 2002). China Airlines is a carrier based in Taiwan. It has the poorest safety record of any international long-haul airline in Asia.

Also Know, which is the best airline in China? Hainan Airlines Hainan Airlines won the awards for best airline in China, best airline staff in China, and the world's best business-class amenities this year.

Furthermore, is China Airlines safe now?

Realistically China Airways is as safe as any other major airline. That's not to say that there couldn't be a safety issue on them tomorrow, just like there could be on any airline - but realistically the odds are incredibly low.

Which Chinese airline is the safest?

Meanwhile, Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific carrier was named the world's safest airline for the third year in a row by Germany's Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre, or JACDEC. Air New Zealand followed in second place with China's Hainan Airlines rounding off the top three.

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