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Is carbon an atom or molecule?

Solids, liquids, gases - all matter - are made up of atoms (or other things, like molecules, that are made from atoms)! ELEMENTS are the kinds of atoms that we can have. Carbon is an element, hydrogen is an element, and so is oxygen.

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Also asked, is carbon a atom?

Carbon Atom. The atomic number of carbon is 6, which represents the number of electrons. It is represented by the symbol C and is a non-metal. Each of its atoms has four electrons in its outer shell called valence electrons and can form for chemical bonds with other atoms and molecules.

Subsequently, question is, what is a carbon molecule? Carbon can form four covalent bonds to create an organic molecule. The simplest carbon molecule is methane (CH4), depicted here. This means that carbon atoms, bonded to other carbon atoms or other elements, form the fundamental components of many, if not most, of the molecules found uniquely in living things.

People also ask, is carbon dioxide an atom or molecule?

A molecule of the compound carbon dioxide contains one atom of the element carbon and two atoms of the element oxygen. Each oxygen atom shares a double bond with the carbon atom. Carbon is the sixth element in the periodic table and occurs in pure form as coal and diamonds.

How many atoms are in a carbon molecule?

Since this energy shell can hold eight electrons, each carbon atom can share electrons with up to four different atoms. Carbon can combine with other elements as well as with itself. This allows carbon to form many different compounds of varying size and shape.

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