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Is brass screw positive or negative?

Outlets, or receptacles, typically have two brass-colored screw terminals and two silver-colored terminals. The brass terminals are for the hot wires, and the silver terminals are for the neutral wires.

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Similarly one may ask, is gold screw positive or negative?

The neutral and hot wires are connected to the two vertical prongs at the top of the receptacle, with neutral on the left silver screw and hot on the right gold screw, and the ground wire is connected to the green screw at the bottom.

Furthermore, why does black wire go to brass? Power comes from the service panel along the black (hot) wire through other outlets, switches, and light fixtures on the circuit and begins its return to the source through the white (neutral) wire attached to this outlet. The black wire attaches to a brass terminal; the white wire, to a silver terminal.

Also, does the white wire go to the brass screw?

The white (neutral) wire connects to the silver screw, or you place it in the back wire hole on the same side of the device as the silver screw. The black (hot) wire goes to the brass screw or into the hole in the back of the device on the same side as the brass screw.

Is Hot positive or negative?

There's a hot wire (positive), a neutral wire, and ground. I ~assume~ that in an AC circuit, positive correlates to positive, neutral to negative, and ground to ground. Transformers will correlate the +/- when changing DC.

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