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Is Bendix still in business?

Production continued for several years. Under its present ownership by Honeywell, Bendix continues to manufacture automotive brakes and industrial brakes for a wide variety of industries. In 2014, Honeywell sold the Bendix trademark for automotive brakes in the US to MAT Holdings.

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Hereof, what happened to Bendix?

In 1928 Bendix Corporation acquired control of Eclipse Machine Company, in Elmira, N.Y., which had been producing Vincent Bendix's automotive starter since 1914. In 1929 the company turned to aviation products and changed its name to Bendix Aviation Corporation (not reverting to the name Bendix Corporation until 1960).

Subsequently, question is, is Bendix a good brand? Registered. Bendix are a good brand quite often used as OEM on VAG and Porsche cars--not a bad price.

Moreover, where is Bendix located?

Headquarters located in Wilmerding, Pa. Bendix-Westinghouse takes automotive air brake worldwide by establishing licensing agreements with Westinghouse companies in France, Germany, Italy and England. Bendix-Westinghouse establishes new headquarters in Elyria, Oh.

Where are Bendix brakes made?

The company's manufacturing plant in Ballarat, Victoria employs around 250 people and manufactures a large range of disc brake pads.

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