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Is B Howard Michael Jacksons son?

Howard's similarities to the late pop icon Michael Jackson have been a source of speculation, and in 2014 claimed to have evidence that proved paternity. However, Howard released his own video via Facebook reporting that he: "has never self-proclaimed to be Michael Jackson's son"

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Just so, is B Howard Michael Jackson's son?

The test results are in, and it seems the kid is Michael Jackson's son. According to TMZ, Brandon Howard, a 31-year-old singer who goes by the name "B. Howard's mother, Miki Howard, was a pop singer who toured with MJ and was represented by his father, Joe Jackson.

Additionally, did Miki Howard have a baby by Michael Jackson? It's a question that has flooded the Internet this past week and a half following reports that there was “a 99.9999% probability” that her son, singer Brandon Howard, was sired by the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. (The lab where the test was done turned out to be fake).

Just so, who is Michael Jacksons only biological son?

Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson is the third and youngest child of the late Michael Jackson. In 2015 he changed his name to Bigi Jackson. The identity of Prince's biological mother — a surrogate — is unknown. Jackson was seven years old when his father died on June 25, 2009.

Who is the father of Brandon Howard?

Confusing the issue more is that singer Augie Johnson has declared that he is Howard's real father, the International Business Times reported. Augie, 65, was a backup singer on Michael Jackon's 1979 album, "Off The Wall."

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