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Is Azure monitor free?

Azure Monitor maximizes the availability and performance of your applications and services by delivering a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments. You can also sign up for a free Azure trial.

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Likewise, people ask, how much does it cost to monitor Azure?

Estimating the costs to manage your environment Start by entering "Azure Monitor" in the Search box, and clicking on the resulting Azure Monitor tile. Scroll down the page to Azure Monitor, and select one of the options from the Type dropdown: Metrics queries and Alerts.

what is Azure monitoring? Azure Monitor is a platform capability for monitoring your Azure resources. Azure Monitor allows you to collect granular performance and utilization data, activity and diagnostics logs, and notifications from your Azure resources in a consistent manner.

Besides, how does Azure charge for storage?

Charges for storage are separate from the cost of Azure Backup. Example: If you have 1.2 TB of data in one instance, then the cost would be $30 plus storage consumed. You would be charged $10 for two 500 GB increments and $10 for the remaining 200 GB data.

How do I access Azure monitor?

Start by opening the Log Search portal.

  1. In the Azure portal, click All services. In the list of resources, type Monitor. As you begin typing, the list filters based on your input. Select Monitor.
  2. On the Monitor navigation menu, select Log Analytics and then select a workspace.

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