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Is Ashley Loren Rob Schneider's daughter?

Ashley Loren, 19, who moved from Raceland to California several years ago, plays Bridget Hilliard, daughter of Rob Schneider's character, Rob Hilliard, in the movie, which debuts nationwide Friday. ' And I said, 'Yes' on the spot,” Loren said.

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Consequently, who plays Lenny's daughter in grownups?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Adam Sandler Lenny Feder
Salma Hayek Roxanne Chase-Feder (as Salma Hayek Pinault)
Maria Bello Sally Lamonsoff
Maya Rudolph Deanne McKenzie
Joyce Van Patten Gloria

Additionally, who is the blonde in grown ups? Grown Ups (2010) - David Spade as Marcus Higgins - IMDb.

Likewise, did Adam Sandler daughter play in grownups?

Adam Sandler's wife Jackie makes an appearance in the movie when the guys are playing basketball near the end. She plays Tardio's (Richie Minervini's) wife. Their two daughters are the real daughters of Adam and Jackie Sandler.

Are they making a grown up 3?

Last year, director Dennis Dugan said that plans were in place for Grown Ups 3, but it looks like it hasn't moved forward since. With Adam Sandler's schedule taken up with two more Netflix movies, it's likely we won't see any movement for some time.

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