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Is Angry Birds kid friendly?

Parents need to know that The Angry Birds Movie is a loud, silly, sometimes crude -- and sometimes funny -- animated film based on the popular app. But mostly its goal is to be funny -- putting it squarely in the category of movies that kids will like and parents will tolerate.

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Likewise, is Angry Birds movie for kids?

All in all, “The Angry Birds Movie” is an entertaining movie that should delight most kids during a short trip to the movie theater. “The Angry Birds Movie” is rated PG for rude humor and action. It opens May 20 in theaters nationwide.

Subsequently, question is, what age group is Angry Birds 2 for? The Angry Birds Movie 2 is an animated comedy that will appeal to Angry Birds fans. It does have some adult concepts however, and a lot of slapstick violence. It is therefore not recommended for under 5's and parental guidance is recommended for 5–7 year olds.

Also asked, is Angry Birds 2 appropriate for preschoolers?

The app-inspired, high-contrast visuals and the cutesy nature of the birds and piggies will appeal to kids, as will the lighthearted, silly body humor. This is by no means a family film treasure, but it's sure to elicit enough laughs to make it 100 minutes of tween-friendly fun.

Why is Angry Birds 2 PG?

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is rated PG by the MPAA for rude humor and action. Violence: A Some birds and pigs are injured or scared by explosions. Eggs are imperiled on several occasions and have to be saved by young birds.

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