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Is a US queen bed the same as a UK double?

The popular sizes also tend to differ in the UK. The UK King at 60” x 78” is just 2” shorter than the American Queen. The UK equivalent of the Full is the Double. The UK Single is the same length but 4” narrower them the US Twin.

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Also asked, what is a UK double bed in US size?

bed sizes

N. America UK/Ireland
Single Twin (USA) 39in × 75in 0.99 m × 1.91 m 36in × 75in 0.9 m × 1.90 m
Double/full 54in × 75in 1.37 m × 1.91 m 54in × 75in 1.37 m × 1.91 m
Queen King (UK/Ire.) 60in × 80in 1.52 m × 2.03 m 60in × 78in 1.5 m × 2 m
King Super King (UK/Ire.) 76in × 80in 1.93 m × 2.03 m 72in × 78in 1.83 m × 1.98 m

Beside above, are UK and US bed sizes the same? The range of British bed sizes is smaller than that of the US - and British beds themselves are usually smaller then their US version with the same name. Single Bed 36" 75" 36" x 75" Small, so easy to fit in.

Herein, what size is a US queen bed in UK?

Mattress Comparisons at a Glance:

Mattress Size U.S./Canada U.K.
Twin XL Dorm Size Super Single
Double/Full 54 in. x 75 in.
137 cm x 190 cm
Queen (U.K. King) 60 in. x 80 in.

Is a double bed in Europe a queen?

the standard double in Europe is 140 cm which is more like a US double. 160 is more like a US queen and ample and commonly found -- but you can't count on it and there are occasionally even narrower beds.

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