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Is a rotten apple a physical or chemical change?

well,It is a chemical change because once an apple rots, it cannot go back to its original form as a new, clean, and fresh apple. and that is a chemical change. making it be different on a chemical level.

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Moreover, is rotting fruit a physical or chemical change?

The rotting of fruit is a chemical reaction. This is because when fruit spoils, an enzymatic reaction occurs. Because an enzymatic reaction causes molecules to change when rotting, rotting is a chemical reaction.

Also Know, is removing salt from water a physical change? Take the table salt and dissolve it in the water in about a 1:10 volume ratio of salt to water. The dissolving of the salt changes the physical form of the NaCl but does not permanently change it chemically so when the water is removed you recover salt again as NaCl.

Also to know, is a rotten banana a chemical change?

Bananas rotting are a chemical change. Rotting bananas are a chemical change. In fact, any rotting food, for that matter, is a chemical change. Some chemical changes are reversible.

What happens when apples rot?

Apple flesh has chemical compounds known as phenolics that react with oxygen when exposed to air. Once the skin of the apple is broken, the compounds are exposed to oxygen and enzymes in the apple known as polyphenol oxidases cause the browning reaction.

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