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Is a hamster a good pet for a child?

Hamsters make great pets for school-aged children because though they are low maintenance, they are super fun to play with and watch and are quite interactive with people and their environment. Hamsters are a load of fun. If your child is ready for the commitment and the care as well as the love, go for it!

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Furthermore, which type of hamster is the friendliest?

  • Syrian Hamsters. Syrian hamsters are usually friendly once tamed, and are a good option in many countries because they can form quite a strong bond with their owners.
  • Chinese Hamsters.
  • Dwarf Hamsters.

Furthermore, what is the best pet for a child? 10 Best Pets for Kids

  1. Dog. Dogs are likely the most stereotypical pet for children – and there's a reason for that.
  2. Cat. Cats are also a pretty common pet for children.
  3. Turtle. Turtles can make the perfect pet if you want something low maintenance and quiet.
  4. Fish. Fish are often the ideal pet for small children.
  5. Hamster.
  6. Birds.
  7. Guinea Pig.
  8. Ferret.

Also Know, which hamster is best for a child?

Syrian hamsters are the best hamster breed for kids and make the perfect first pet. Happy, friendly and larger in size, they are easier to handle and train. Docile in nature, they tend not to nip so can be held by small or less experienced children. Hamsters really do make the best first pet.

Do hamster make good pets?

Hamsters make excellent pets, for the right owner. Just as some people are considered “dog-people” and some are “cat-people”, there are certain people that make ideal hamster owners. Hamsters need a low-stress living area, are most active at dawn and dusk, and can take quite a bit of time to bond with their human.

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