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Is a foundation necessary for a memory foam mattress?

It's a great question, but in short, YES, you do need a box spring for your memory foam mattress. All foam mattresses need to have some type of solid surface or foundation. Platform beds are designed to take the mattress only with no box spring/foundation.

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Also asked, do memory foam mattresses need a foundation?

No. However, they do need a foundation— a solid structure with a flat surface or slats less than 3 inches apart. You have infinite styles of foundations to choose from, but for the most cooling sleep experience, you'll want a base with slats.

Additionally, is a box spring necessary for a memory foam mattress? Yes. Memory foam mattresses require a box spring if you use a metal bed frame. The metal frame can properly distribute your body weight + the weight of the mattress but only when placed on top of a box spring.

Also question is, what type of foundation is best for memory foam mattress?

Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

Ranking Brand and Name Type
#1 Zinus Upholstered Diamond (Best-Quality) Slatted Wood
#2 Zinus 14-Inch Deluxe Wood (Stylish) Slatted Wood
#3 Zinus Upholstered Square (Best Air Circulation) Slatted Wood
#4 Zinus Premium Smartbase 18-In (Bestseller Steel Frame) Metal Frame

How do you make a memory foam mattress foundation?

Your Wood. Before you can start building anything, you need to make sure that you have all of the wood necessary for the job.

  • Step 2 - Create The Frame.
  • Step 3 - Add The Slats.
  • Step 4 - Add The Legs.
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