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Is a bruit over the abdominal aorta normal?

Audible vascular sounds are called bruits and are caused by turbulent flow in large arteries (e.g., aorta, iliac, renal arteries). Vascular sounds can be heard in 4-20% of healthy individuals, but a systolic-diastolic bruit over renal arteries in a patient with hypertension strongly suggests renovascular disease.

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In this way, is it normal to hear a bruit over the abdominal aorta?

The most frequent cause of abdominal bruits is occlusive arterial disease in the aortoiliac vessels. If bruits are present, you'll typically hear them over the aorta, renal arteries, iliac arteries, and femoral arteries. The bell of the stethoscope is best for picking up bruits.

Subsequently, question is, what does aortic bruit mean? Bruits are blowing vascular sounds resembling heart murmurs that are perceived over partially occluded blood vessels. When detected over the carotid arteries, a bruit may indicate an increased risk of stroke; when produced by the abdomen, it may indicate partial obstruction of the aorta or…

Regarding this, is abdominal bruit normal?

Bruits occur in 4% to 20% of healthy persons. Abdominal bruits are more common in those younger than 40 years than in older persons. Characteristically the abdominal bruit of a healthy individual is systolic, medium-pitched to low-pitched, and audible between the xiphoid process and umbilicus.

Where do you listen for aortic bruit?

Use either the bell or the diaphragm when listening for the carotid bruit, at a point just lateral to the Adam's apple. Listen for the murmur of aortic stenosis at the second right intercostal space (2RICS). An early systolic bruit is associated with a 50% decrease in carotid artery luminal diameter.

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