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Is a bluebottle a jellyfish?

The bluebottle, or Indo-Pacific Man o' War, is not a jellyfish but a siphonophore, which is a colony of tiny, specialized polyps working together as colonies. During summer in the Southern Hemisphere, strong winds carry bluebottles to the shores of Australia, where thousands of bluebottle stings are reported each year.

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Moreover, can blue bottle jellyfish kill you?

Even dead Bluebottles and detached tentacles can sting. But what is actually a Bluebottle sting and how can it be treated? Though rarely deadly, a Bluebottle sting can be dangerous to children, elderly people, asthmatics and people with allergies as it can cause fever, shock and respiratory distress.

One may also ask, is a Portuguese man of war the same as a blue bottle? In Australia and New Zealand, this jellyfish is known as the blue bottle, due to its colour and shape when strewn on a beach. Elsewhere in the world it is known as the "Portuguese Man o War" as it is said to look like a Portuguese battleship with a sail. This jellyfish is actually made up of zooids.

Thereof, are bluebottle jellyfish dangerous?

For the average person, getting stung by a Bluebottle will present no harmful danger. However, for the very young, elderly, people allergic to them or in extreme cases, getting stung can produce a severe envenomation syndrome with muscle pain, nausea and vomiting.

Where do bluebottle jellyfish live?

It lives in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, floating near the surface of the water. It's a common sight in Australia and can also be found along the coasts of India, the Caribbean and even the coasts of Florida.

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