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Is a black eyed Susan vine a perennial?

Black-eyed Susan vine plant is a tender perennial that is grown as an annual in temperate and cooler zones. You can also grow the vine as a houseplant but be wary as it may grow to 8 feet in length. Black-eyed Susan vine care is most successful when you can mimic the plant's native African climate.

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Also to know is, will black eyed Susan vine come back?

It is usually grown as an annual, although it has been known to over-winter in temperate climates during very mild winters. Since black-eyed Susan vines are technically perennial, you can pot up a plant and bring it indoors for the winter. You will probably want to cut it back to a more manageable size when you do.

Also Know, how do you root a black eyed Susan vine? Take a 6 to 8 inch stem from a tender, growing tip, and root it in water. You can also propagate Black Eyed Susan vines by "layering". Take a low growing vine, and bend it carefully to the ground. At about 8 inches from the end of the vine, cover the vine with soil.

Also asked, why is my black eyed Susan vine not blooming?

As soon as cooler weather starts back up again in September it should start to bloom again in force. Other than that, make sure your plant is in full sun, you are watering it sufficiently and you are not over-fertilizing it. Too much nitrogen can cause plants to produce more foliage and less blooms.

Are all black eyed susans perennials?

Black-eyed Susan comes in both annual and perennial varieties. Many new species are annuals in northern climates but hardy in the South. Be sure to check hardiness zones when shopping for black-eyed Susan.

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