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Is 6ft 1 tall for a guy?

6'1 is taller than average in every country in the world. You probably feel short next to the guys who are 6'5 or more, but that's normal because these guys are giants and their height is much above average.. According to almost all women you are a tall guy and you shouldn't feel insecure about it.

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In this regard, is 6 1 a good height for a guy?

So as I said, any man who is between 6′0″ and 6′4″ is the ideal height range for society, with 6′1″ truly being THE most ideal for a man (unless you're in The Netherlands or dealing with a shallow 5′10″ girl). You are not short (> 6′0″) and not “too tall” where health problems and clothing issues occur.

Additionally, is 6ft short for a man? 6' is a tall short male, or a short tall male depending on how you look at it. Nevertheless, you all look the same from up here.

In this manner, what percentage of men are taller than 6 1?

In the U.S. population, about 14.5 percent of all men are six feet or over. Roughly 1% of US women are 6 feet tall or taller. The equivalent height cutoff for US men (only 1% of population taller) is about 6ʹ4″.

What is considered tall for a guy?

In my perspective, you'd have to be at least 6'3" to be considered "tall". But in most people's perspective generally, you'd have to be at least 5'11" to be tall. So I guess you would be considered tall, but not that "tall" that everyone else you see is shorter than you.

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