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Is 38.8 a fever in a child?

Fever in infants and children treatment
This will vary by your child's age and weight. If your child is achy and fussy, and his or her temperature is above 102°F (38.8°C), you may want to give him or her acetaminophen.

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Similarly, you may ask, is a temperature of 38.8 high?

Fever in adults. A fever is usually when your body temperature is 38C (100.4F) or more. You may feel warm, cold or shivery. You can find out if you have a fever by using a thermometer to take your temperature.

Beside above, when should a child with a fever go to the hospital? If your child is 3 or older, visit the ER for a temperature above 102 degrees for two or more days. You should also seek emergency care if the fever is accompanied by any of these symptoms: Abdominal pain. Difficulty breathing or swallowing.

In this way, what is a dangerous temperature for a child?

Normal fevers between 100° and 104° F (37.8° - 40° C) are good for sick children. MYTH. Fevers above 104° F (40° C) are dangerous. They can cause brain damage.

What is a high temperature for a child?

A fever is a high temperature. As a general rule, in children a temperature of over 37.5C (99.5F) is a fever. As a parent it can be extremely worrying if your child has a high temperature.

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