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In which decades did GIS begin to emerge?

The concept of GIS was first introduced in the early 1960s, and it was subsequently researched and developed as a new discipline. The GIS history views Roger Tomlinson as a pioneer of the concept, where the first iteration was designed to store, collate, and analyze data about land usage in Canada.

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Similarly one may ask, when did GIS start?

History of development. The first known use of the term "geographic information system" was by Roger Tomlinson in the year 1968 in his paper "A Geographic Information System for Regional Planning". Tomlinson is also acknowledged as the "father of GIS".

Beside above, why was GIS created? The first GIS was created by Dr. Roger Tomlinson and then introduced in the early 1960s in Canada. During its inception, this system was mainly meant for collecting, storing and then analyzing the capability & potential which the land in the rural areas had.

Then, who invented GIS?

Roger Tomlinson

What is the future of GIS?

The Future of GIS According to Roger Tomlinson In the interview Tomlinson made the following predictions for the future of GIS: Hardware will become faster and cheaper. GIS software will become easier to use and more robust. Universities will increase their GIS course offerings.

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