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In what way was Kumalo cruel to the girl?

Kumalo is cruel to the girl by when he finds out she has had others before his son that had also been caught he asked her if she was going to take another after his son and if she's ever had a murder. He also asked if she would still desire no husband even if he desired her, Lithebe and the girl.

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Consequently, how does Kumalo feel about Johannesburg?

By the time Kumalo leaves Johannesburg, he is deeply sad, but his faith is buoyed by the generosity of others. When he returns to his village, Kumalo works to improve the lives of his parishioners. In the end, he faces his son's death with mourning, but also with a sense of peace.

Beside above, what is Father Vincent's gift to Kumalo? Father Vincent gives the gifts of friendship, consolation, and hope to Kumalo. He also secures a good lawyer who will defend Kumalo's son Absalom without pay. Father Vincent is an English priest at the Mission House in Sophiatown.

Additionally, why is Gertrude's sickness upsetting to Kumalo?

Being a man of God, immorality in any form is distasteful; however, having his own sister behave this way is truly upsetting. He would hope that his own family would behave in a more God-like fashion.

Why did Gertrude leave in Cry the Beloved Country?

In Cry, the Beloved Country Gertrude is the main character's sister. She is the reason why Stephen Kumalo comes to Johannesburg. Gertrude sells alcohol and is also a prostitute. Despite everyone working hard to help her turn her life around, Gertrude ends up running away and leaving her son for Stephen to care for.

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