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How tall is a theorbo?

On historical instruments, the fretted strings running to the first pegbox are generally between about 70 and 90 cm long, and the extended basses may be from 150 to almost 180 cm in length. The instrument pictured is single strung throughout – each of the 14 strings stands alone.

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Furthermore, how big is a theorbo?

French theorbos had up to eight stopped strings and were often somewhat smaller and quieter than Italian theorbos. They were a standard scale length of 76 cm, which made them smaller than Italian instruments, that ranged from 85-95 cm.

Subsequently, question is, how many strings does theorbo have? 14 strings

Besides, how much does a theorbo cost?


with VAT 24% no VAT
Guitars & Vihuelas
Theorbo, > 30 ribs 4869 € 3927 €
Théorbe des pièces 3749 € 3024 €
+Foldable extension 651 € 525 €

How big is a lute?

Surviving Renaissance lutes (indexed in the Lautenweltadresssbuch on another page of our site) range in string length from about 44 cm to around 90 cm. During this period the size of the instruments most frequently used for solo performance ranged from about 54 cm string length to around 66 cm.

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