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How tall are the Lord of the Rings characters?

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Likewise, people ask, how tall are Lord of the Rings elves?

Elven characteristics. "The Elves have their own labours and their own sorrows, and they are little concerned with the ways of hobbits, or of any other creatures upon earth." The Elves were the fairest creatures in Arda, a far more beautiful race than Men, and generally tall (about six feet).

Also, how tall is Legolas? Legolas is probably about 6 feet tall, perhaps more. He is not as tall as Aragorn or Boromir, though.

Herein, how tall is Gandalf?

19 Gandalf's official height is listed as 5' 6”

How tall are dwarves in Lord of the Rings?

As explained in the DVD commentary, the races in the Fellowship come in three height ranges: regular sized Men and Elves, Dwarves who average four feet six inches (1.37 m), and Hobbits who average three feet six inches (1.07 m).

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