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How soon can I plant grass seed after using moss killer?

The lawn can usually be overseeded 3 to 4 days after applying a general lawn fertiliser, however, you will usually need to wait about 4 weeks after applying a feed, weed & moss killer.

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Thereof, how long after moss killer can I seed?

4 to 6 weeks

Beside above, how soon can I plant grass seed after using Roundup? One to Three Days If you're planting lawn grasses, herbs, fruits or vegetables, wait for three days after applying these Roundup products - except for Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Sure Shot Foam - before you replant the treated area.

Just so, does moss killer kill grass seed?

Firstly, if you have or had moss in the lawn a dose of ferrous sulphate or MossOff moss killer, applied by watering can or sprayer after raking will kill any moss left in the lawn. Thirdly, add lawn grass seed.

Will grass grow back after Moss?

When you remove the moss from your lawn it will mean there are bare patches in the root system of your lawn and if you don't do something to promote growth in those areas then the moss will more than likely come back and take over again.

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