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How safe is Chinatown NYC?

Many travelers question whether NYC's Chinatown is safe. The answer is mostly yes, but do keep in mind that New York's Chinatown does see a higher rate of assaults and robberies than the national average, though the neighborhood also enjoys lower rates of theft and homicide than much of the rest of the United States.

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Similarly, it is asked, is it safe to go to Chinatown at night?

It's completely safe to walk in NYC's Chinatown at night, even later at night. It's a densely crowded neighborhood, and there are always people around. It's probably one of the safer places to be in NYC after dark.

Also, what is the most dangerous part of New York City? These neighborhoods have the highest rates of violent crime per capita across New York City:

  • Vinegar Hill (Brooklyn)
  • Downtown Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
  • Theatre District / Times Square (Manhattan)
  • Meatpacking District (Manhattan)
  • Koreatown (Manhattan)
  • Port Morris (Bronx)
  • Garment District (Manhattan)

is Chinatown in NYC worth visiting?

Chinatown in NYC is worth a visit, especially for tourists who haven't visited many Chinatowns before. The neighbourhood is expansive, unique, and bustling with people.

Is Chinatown a good place to live?

Chinatown is a great area to live in. It is extremely convenient because shops are open late, so you can get a meal at any hour. It is close to bus lines and to trains (the East side lines all stop near Chinatown.) It is also a skip away from other trendy neighborhoods like Soho, TriBeCa, and City Hall.

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