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How old is Vicente Fernandez?

80 years (February 17, 1940)

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how old is Vicente Fernandez wife?

In early 1963, his mother, Paula Gómez de Fernández, died of cancer at the age of 47. Later that year, on December 27, he married María del Refugio “Cuquita” Abarca Villaseñor, his neighbor in Guadalajara. The couple would go on to have four children: Vicente, Gerardo, Alejandro and Alejandra.

how much is Vicente Fernandez worth? Vicente Fernandez net worth: Vicente Fernandez is an actor, singer and producer who has a net worth of $25 million. He earned his net worth through his many Latin films and his many performances on stage as a singer, as well as his many recordings and tours.

Beside above, how old was Vicente Fernandez when he died?

Vicente Fernández, the immensely popular Mexican singer and actor, was not killed in a car crash Wednesday in Mexico. Reports of the 74-year-old ranchera singer's demise were on social media, but his press office in Guadalajara said it was all a hoax.

When was Vicente Fernandez born?

February 17, 1940 (age 80 years)

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