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How old is the word hospital?

Hospital is a 14th-century loanword from Anglo-French that originally designated what we would now call a hostel—a place where weary travelers could rest before pressing on with their journey.

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Hereof, where did the word hospital come from?

The word hospital originates from the Latin hospes, meaning guest or stranger. It's the root of words such as hospice, hostel, hotel, and hospitality. The word patient comes from patior, which is to suffer. Hence a hospital can be interpreted etymologically as a place where strangers who suffer come to be cared for.

Subsequently, question is, what does the letters in hospital mean? Acronym. Definition. HOSPITAL. Hurt Operative Safely Protected in Totally Antiseptic Location (video game)

Keeping this in view, is the word hospital an acronym?

Nope. According to my Webster's dictionary, “hospital” is not an acronym; it comes from the Latin word hospitalia.

What is the oldest hospital in the world?

Mihintale Hospital

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