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How old is Miigwans in the marrow thieves?

The story follows 16 year-old Francis, nicknamed Frenchie, who is found by an elder named Miigwans and his “family” after his mother and brother Mitch are taken by “The recruiters.” The recruiters are people who actively hunt down indigenous people to bring them into the harvesting schools for their bone marrow.

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Also know, what year is the marrow thieves set in?

The story is set in a dystopian future in which most people have lost the ability to dream, with catastrophic psychological results.

Secondly, how did RiRi die in the marrow thieves? RiRi dies tragically a week after hearing Story when two Indigenous double agents, Travis and Lincoln, try to expose the group to Recruiters. Her death is one of several things that motivate Frenchie to lead the group south to the resistance fighters.

Besides, what is the theme of the marrow thieves?

Themes of The Marrow Thieves are typical of dystopian or post apocalyptic literature, and readers see characters battling other characters, characters battling the injustices of society and also characters battling nature, itself.

What genre is the marrow thieves?

Novel Science Fiction Young adult fiction

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