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How old is Garland High School?

Garland High School is one of seven campuses that serve students in grades 9-12 in Texas' Garland Independent School District. Opening its doors in 1901, GHS is the oldest high school in Garland ISD, as well as the richest in tradition.

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Regarding this, what year did South Garland High School open?


Also Know, what time does South Garland High School start? 7:30a

Also question is, how many high schools are there in Garland?

9 high schools

What region is Garland ISD?

Garland Independent School District is a public school district with its headquarters in the Harris Hill Administration Building in Garland, Texas (USA). Garland ISD extends from the Dallas city limits, northeast to the county line and serves parts of the communities of Garland, Rowlett, and Sachse.

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