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How often do you water a fishbone cactus?

During the spring and summer months, watering should be regular to ensure the soil mixture remains moist. Only moderate watering is needed during the remainder of the year. The top layer of soil should dry to about 1 cm between each watering.

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Likewise, people ask, how do you take care of a fishbone cactus?

Like most cacti, fishbone cactus houseplant does best when allowed to dry out between watering. During winter, cut watering in half and then reinstate when spring growth begins. Fertilize with a water-soluble cactus or orchid fertilizer in early spring.

Furthermore, how often does an orchid cactus bloom? Orchid cactuses that bloom during the day produce blossoms from April to June, but many are night-bloomers, which makes it easy to miss their blooms. Night-bloomers typically flower in late summer to early fall.

Furthermore, how often do you water Epiphyllum?

Two (and only two) of the leaf serrations should be below the soil level. Place the pot in a bright shaded place. Rooted cuttings should not be allowed to dry out. Water lightly at first and then water once a week.

How do you get a fishbone cactus to bloom?

Take a piece of stem cutting and let it lay out for a few days until a callus develops on the cut end. Insert the callused end into a small pot of a loose peat moss mixture. Water sparingly and place in medium light. You'll have a new plant before you know it.

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