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How much water does a small pine tree need?

A general rule of thumb is to apply 10 gallons of water for every inch of trunk diameter when you water. Measure the trunk diameter at knee height. You can eyeball the diameter or hold up a ruler or yardstick to get the inches. The general watering formula is: tree diameter x five minutes = total watering time.

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Also know, how often do you water a small pine tree?

1 Water evergreen trees regularly during the first year after planting. Give the tree 1 to 3 inches of water every week, unless moisture comes in the form of rainfall. Watering deeply once or twice weekly is better than more frequent, shallow irrigation, as deep watering will develop long, healthy roots.

Likewise, how do I know if my pine tree needs water? If the probe hits hard soil before it reaches 20 inches deep or comes up dry, the tree can be watered. Dig out a sample of soil with a trowel from about 6 inches below the surface. Squeeze the soil into a ball. If it is soupy, drains water or has the consistency of mud, there is too much water in the soil.

One may also ask, how do you take care of a small pine tree?

Water the soil around your mini pine tree's roots to keep them moist but not soaked. Poke your finger into the soil to check for moisture. If it's dry an inch or two below the surface, it's time to water. Feed your mini pine tree with all-purpose plant fertilizer every other month.

Can too much water kill a pine tree?

Overwatering causes more damage to pines than droughts, because the needle-like pine leaves protect against water loss. Pines are adapted to dry soils; too much water can kill the tree.

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