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How much snow is expected in Washington DC?

Here are the predicted snow amounts, by location: Alexandria, Arlington and Prince George's counties and the District: 10-16 inches. Fairfax, Loudoun, Montgomery counties: 15-25 inches. Reagan National Airport (DCA): 8-14 inches (compared with a 15.4-inch average, 11-inch median)

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Keeping this in view, how much snow is expected DC?

On average, DC averages about 17 inches of snow per season at Reagan National. As you head further northwest into Montgomery County and western Fairfax County, the snow averages increase closer to 2 feet per winter (24 inches). Our southern and eastern suburbs usually see anywhere from five to 18 inches.

Also Know, how much snow is expected? While some snow is still likely, snowfall totals will range from 2”-6” across the south suburbs into northwest Indiana, to 0”-2” inches over the north and northwest suburbs. The city and areas west can expect up to 1”-3” of snow.

Also know, how much snow will fall in Washington DC today?

2018-2019: 16.9 inches. 2017-2018: 7.8 inches. 2016-2017: 3.4 inches. 2015-2016: 22.2 inches.

Will DC get snow this winter?

Our 2019-2020 Winter Outlook for DC! The forecast calls for higher snowfall totals of 25 to 35 inches along the Blue Ridge Mountains, and up to 90 inches in far west Maryland. Points south and east of D.C. are in the 5 to 15 inches range. It's possible we may get a taste of snow as early as Veterans Day on Monday.

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