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How much snow is expected in Denver?

The National Weather Service has Denver's expected snowfall total through Sunday at just an inch, though the snowfall amounts across the metro could range from 1-4 inches, with higher amounts toward the foothills.

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People also ask, how much snow is expected?

While some snow is still likely, snowfall totals will range from 2”-6” across the south suburbs into northwest Indiana, to 0”-2” inches over the north and northwest suburbs. The city and areas west can expect up to 1”-3” of snow.

Similarly, how much snow has Denver had this year? Denver Is On Track For The Snowiest Season In YearsAfter the snow that fell Monday, Denver has officially received 40.7 inches of snow this season. That's about 8 inches above normal through Feb. 11.

Just so, how much snow is predicted for Denver?

The forecast calls for 2-3 inches in Denver and 3-4 inches in Boulder. Areas to the south and west will see higher amounts. Conifer is expected to see 8-12 inches, and Castle Rock is now expected to see 6-8 inches.

How many inches of snow did Thornton Colorado get?

THORNTON, CO 80229 Weather New snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches.

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