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How much should I water my maple tree?

A general rule of thumb is to apply 45 liters (10 gallons) of water for every 2.5 cm (inch) of trunk diameter during normal watering conditions. The amount applied per watering remains the same but the frequency is doubled to twice a week during drought conditions.

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Similarly one may ask, do maple trees require a lot of water?

Following a deep watering at planting time, a new maple tree requires one to two watering session per week for its establishment. The amount of water to use depends on the tree's size. For example, a maple planted in sandy, well-drained soil may require two watering sessions per week.

One may also ask, how much water does a tree need per day? While there is no standard watering amount that is suitable for all new trees, there are general watering guidelines that can be followed. One commonly used formula suggests 10 gallons of water per week for every 1 inch of tree caliper.

In respect to this, how do you care for a newly planted maple tree?

Quick tips

  1. Keep plants moist and in the shade until planting.
  2. Soil preparation with organic matter is important, especially if the soil is heavy clay.
  3. Mulch with 6 inches after planting to reduce the need for frequent watering and protection of their shallow roots.
  4. Keep pruning of newly planted trees to a minimum.

How often do you water Japanese maple tree?

Water every 2-3 days for the first month. After that, a good watering once a week should be sufficient, but monitor it often as windy days can dry out soil quickly. If the tree is fall planted, water once a week when no rain or snow cover is provided. Tip 2 Always provide a layer of mulch around Japanese maple trees.

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