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How much power does a cable box draw?

35 watts

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In this manner, does a cable box use a lot of electricity?

Yep: energy. All in all, a set-top cable box with a DVR can consume as much as 35 kilowatt hours a month—meaning that it alone can account for $8 a month in electric bills (at least, that's according to reporting coming from the Times, for a Southern California consumer).

Furthermore, how many amps does a TV and cable box use? Ratings of commonly used household appliances

Domestic Portable Appliance Amps Used Watts Used
Landline cordless telephone charger <0.5 10
Computer monitor <0.5 100
Desktop computer 3.0 700
Television 42" HD 0.5 120

Likewise, how many watts does a Comcast cable box use?

OK, I plugged in a killowatt meterand the answer isthe X1 box uses about 30 watts, whether on or off.

How much power does a TV use when off?

By switching your TV off when you're not watching it, you could save around £0.27 in electricity bills over a year.

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