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How much popcorn can a diabetic eat?

One cup (8 grams) of air-popped popcorn contains just 31 calories ( 48 , 49). Snacking on low-calorie foods may aid weight control, which is known to promote decreased blood sugar levels and better overall management of type 2 diabetes ( 50 , 51 ).

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Similarly, you may ask, is popcorn okay for a diabetic?

Popcorn offers people with diabetes a low-sugar, low-calorie snack option. It will not increase a person's blood sugar levels by a significant amount, making it a safe choice between meals.

Also, does popcorn spike insulin? Popcorn also has a relatively good glycemic index (GI). The GI, which describes how much blood sugar increases after eating foods that contain carbohydrates, is based on a scale from 1 to 100. Low-GI foods, are slowly digested and absorbed; they produce gradual rises in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Furthermore, what is a good bedtime snack for a diabetic?

Eat a bedtime snack Whole-wheat crackers with cheese or an apple with peanut butter are two good choices. These foods will keep your blood sugar steady and prevent your liver from releasing too much glucose.

Can diabetics eat potato chips?

You may love their lip-smackin' saltiness, but potato chips, tortilla chips, or corn chips (including those in restaurant nachos), crackers, and pretzels are not the best food choices for people living with diabetes. Ferguson recommends substituting classic potato chips for baked whole-grain crackers dipped in salsa.

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