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How much is the most expensive house in California?

The Most Expensive Homes In California. CALIFORNIA — The most expensive home on the market in the entire nation is Casa Encantada in Bel Air. The price tag is a daunting $225 million.

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Moreover, how much is the most expensive house in the world?

Antilia, Mumbai: $1 Billion Probably the world's priciest private residence, often valued at $1 billion, Antilia is a 400,000-square-foot 27-story mansion completed in 2010.

Secondly, how much is the most expensive house in LA? Jeff Bezos buys LA's most expensive property for record $165 million. Aerial view of $165,000,000 in Beverly Hills. Image via Google Maps.

Moreover, who has the most expensive house in Hollywood?

Courtesy of Hilton & Hyland. The limestone clad mansion in Bel Air owned by the late TV executive Jerry Perenchio just got a price cut. But at $245 million, the commanding French neoclassical residence, which measures 25,000 square feet, is still the most expensive listing on the open market in the U.S.

Who owns the 500 million dollar house?

Being labeled as the most expensive home for $500 million, the new, in-the-making Bel Air mansion is twice the size of the White House. Nestled in the affluent neighborhood of Los Angeles, the half a billion dollar property is being developed by American film producer and real estate developer Nile Niami.

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