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How much is Teradata?

Teradata publishes a “starting at $34K / TB” price on their website. (the fine print states that “Storage pricing is based on uncompressed user data space after accounting for RAID, along with spool and database overhead. Per Terabyte price is for a maximum capacity configuration system”).

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Likewise, people ask, will Teradata be acquired?

Agreed, Teradata is irrelevant and won't be bought, even by private equity. TD does not scale in the cloud, and does not facilitate analytics. Anyone with marketable skills should get out NOW — there are lots of opportunities.

Similarly, how big is Teradata? Teradata

Type Public
Products Integrated Data Warehouse Hardware and Software, Cloud-based Data Warehousing, Unified Data Architecture, Big Data Analytics, Professional Services, Customer Services
Revenue US$ 2.164 billion (2018)
Operating income $43 million (2018)
Net income $30 million (2018)

Keeping this in view, what kind of database is Teradata?

relational database management system

What is Teradata latest version?

Now Teradata 14 is the Latest Version.

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