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How much is Popchips worth?

Popchips' rate is a little cooler–70% perannum–so maybe a conservative four times 2012 sales of $93.7million, or roughly $375 million.

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Regarding this, are Pop Chips bad for you?

A chip is still a chip. "Popped snacks maysound good for you, but they're still a member of the snackaisle," Consumer Reports warned in a 2013 review. In fact, some ofthe popped chips the group studied actually had more fatthan baked counterparts, and about the same number ofcalories.

Furthermore, are Pop Chips baked? The popped snacks are made of corn, rice, potato,chickpeas, or a mix of those. And then, rather than fried, most areheated and pressurized until they pop. But that`s actuallymore than some healthier crunchy-snacks like Lay`s Baked!Original Potato chips, which have about the same number ofcalories but half the fat.

One may also ask, how many pop chips make an ounce?

Crispy and craveable. popchips are bursting withflavor, without the guilt and the grease of fried chips.Available in 5 mouthwatering flavors, popchips offerssomething for everyone.

What company makes popchips?

Popchips is a brand of processed potatoand corn products marketed as similar to potato chips. They aremanufactured by processing potato starch at high pressure andtemperature, in a process similar to that used for puffed ricecakes.

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