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How much is John Laws worth?

John Laws Net Worth: John Laws is an Australian radio presenter who has a net worth of $20 million. Born Richard John Sinclair Laws on 8 August 1935, in Wau, Territory of New Guinea, he made a name for himself as a radio presenter of over 60 radio stations across Australia.

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Also to know is, is John Laws still working?

This country's undisputed King of Talkback Radio, John Laws continues to keep audiences spellbound. With over 60 years of commercial broadcasting experience, John Laws has returned to Sydney's 2SM 1269AM & the Super Network.

Similarly, who is John Laws wife? Caroline Laws m. 1976

Just so, how old is John Law?

84 years (August 8, 1935)

Is John Laws retired?

RADIO broadcaster John Laws, the man known as the "Golden Tonsils", has announced he will retire later this year at the age of 71.

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