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How much is Hulu live sports?

Get more than just live sports. Hulu + Live TV includes full access to the Hulu streaming library – a $5.99/month value – with thousands of shows and movies. Watch full seasons of exclusive series, classic favorites, Hulu Original series, hit movies, current episodes, kids shows, and tons more.

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Simply so, can you watch live sports on Hulu?

All your sportslive on Hulu Stream live games from major college and pro leagues, including the NCAA, NBA, NHL, NFL, the English Premier League, and more. With top national sports channels, and local sports channels in many cities, there's no better place to watch the sports you love.

what does the 5.99 Hulu plan include? Previously $7.99 per month, it's now $5.99. That plan affords unlimited access to Hulu's library of movies and TV shows, though if you want commercial-free viewing, you'll have to add that option. As before, it raises the monthly rate to $11.99.

Keeping this in consideration, what Hulu package has live sports?

Sports networks that come with Hulu + Live TV include:

  • Big Ten Network.
  • CBS Sports Network.
  • ESPN.
  • ESPN2.
  • ESPNU.
  • ESPN Bases Loaded.
  • ESPN College Extra.

How much is Hulu live TV?

The price for the basic Hulu + Live TV plan (with ads on the on-demand content) will increase from $44.99 to $54.99. The price for Hulu + Live TV with no ads while watching on-demand content will be $60.99.

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