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How much is Daphne Guinness worth?

Daphne Guinness net worth: Daphne Guinness is an artist of both British and Irish nationality who has a net worth of $100 million. Daphne Guinness accumulated her net worth as a fashion icon, writer of fashion articles, as well as directing a couple of videos, and creating a new fragrance for Comme des Garcons.

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Also know, who is Daphne Guinness married to?

Spyros Niarchos m. 1987–1999

Secondly, how tall is Daphne Guinness? 1.72 m

Correspondingly, how old is Daphne Guinness?

52 years (November 9, 1967)

Is Lulu Guinness related to Daphne Guinness?

Now the Guinnesses are big in the fashion world. Lulu Guinness designs handbags, Jasmine Guinness is a model and fashion designer, and Daphne Guinness is a collector of haute couture and a fashion designer herself.

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