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How much is a tall London Fog at Starbucks?

Price: A Short is $4.05; Tall is $4.15; Grande is $4.65; and Venti is $4.95.

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Accordingly, what is in a London fog at Starbucks?

A London Fog is a real thing. It's half Earl Grey Tea, half Steamed Milk, and Vanilla Syrup. Starbucks calls this an Earl Grey Tea Latte, the rest of the world calls this a London Fog.

One may also ask, can you get an iced London Fog at Starbucks? Iced London Fog Tea Latte. Bright, citrusy spark of bergamot blends with subtle hints of lavender and mixes with vanilla syrup, milk and ice to create this delicious reinvention of a classic Earl Grey tea.

In this manner, how do you order a London fog at Starbucks?

Order an earl grey tea misto, which will add frothy steamed milk to your brew, and squirt in two pumps of vanilla syrup to make a London Fog. For a sweeter variety, add a couple of pumps of caramel syrup.

Is London Fog Latte good?

Please read my disclosure and privacy policy. This London Fog drink is a delicious tea latte, and makes an excellent alternative to coffee if you're trying to cut back on caffeine. This recipe is a little healthier than the version from Starbucks, made without refined sugar or cream.

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