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How much is a ridgid?

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Also to know is, how much is a Ridgid drill?

$100 - $150 - RIDGID - Drills - Power Tools - The Home Depot.

Secondly, where is ridgid sold? The Ridge Tool Company is an American manufacturing company that makes and distributes hand tools under the Ridgid brand name.


Type Subsidiary of Emerson Electric
Headquarters Elyria, Ohio , United States
Products Hand tools
Owner Emerson Electric

Also know, does Home Depot sell rigid?

RIDGID - Power Tools - The Home Depot.

Does rigid have a lifetime warranty?

Ridge Tool Company offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty to support products purchased under the RIDGID Brand, excluding licensed goods. RIDGID branded products are built with reliability, dependability and durability and are covered by a Full Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

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