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How much is a pure romance starter kit?

This starter kit gives you $1100 in products you need to hit the ground running. You'll have a full demo table, plus a few additional products that you can sell at your very first party! As an added bonus, you'll start your business with at 45% buying discount for life!

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Keeping this in view, how much does it cost to be a Pure Romance Consultant?

The initial start up fees for being a Pure Romance consultant range from $199 to $1000, depending on which kit you wish to purchase. In the beginning, your compensation depends on which start kit you purchase. The bronze and silver kits start you out at earning 35% commission on retail prices.

Subsequently, question is, is pure romance a pyramid scheme? The reason Pure Romance isn't an outright pyramid scheme is because you can make money from actually selling the products Pure Romance offers. You technically don't have to recruit anyone. Just know you'll make a lot more money having a 100 people selling under you then trying to just sell products by yourself.

Furthermore, do you really make money selling pure romance?

Two Ways To Make Money With Pure Romance. As you can probably guess, Pure Romance follows the traditional MLM approach. Members earn money by selling the products, mostly through at-home parties. There is also a chance to increase earnings by recruiting other people and growing a team.

What percentage of sales do pure romance consultants make?

Commission rates for a starter consultant. At the entry-level, you'll be earning 15% on all sales through your Pure Romance website. So if you sell a $189 product, you will earn $28.35 before taxes.

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