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How much is a master use license?

License fees
The fee for synchronization and master userights are typically the same, so you will often hear people referto a license fee as something like $500 “perside” (meaning the cost is $500 each for synchronization andmaster rights) or $1000 “allin”.

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Also question is, what is a master use license?

A master license gives the license holderthe right to use a recorded piece of music in a mediaproject such a film, TV show, commercial, or another visualcreation or audio project. A master license is obtained fromthe person who owns the recording, which is the party that financedthe recording.

One may also ask, what are two main components to a master license? If so, you need a master license. Other commonuses include mash-ups, derivative works, interpolations,advertising campaigns, television, film, stage productions, andretail products. All these uses require a masterlicense.

Similarly one may ask, how much does a performance license cost?

Public performance license fees for each PRO varyand are based on different factors, including: type of business,venue capacity, business hours, method of music transmission, andnumber of live performances. On average, the annuallicense fee can range from $300 to $500 for a smallbusiness.

How much does an Ascap license cost?

Instructions are to take the occupancy (50) times $3.65,which equals $182.50. However, ASCAP has a minimumfee of $390. Pay whichever is greater. So that's what thisrestaurant owes in order to play songs by ASCAP songwritersfor one year.

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