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How much horsepower does an electric fan add?

So essentially the electric fans take 1/2 horsepower.

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Then, do electric fans give you more HP?

The mechanical to electrical conversion in the alternator to drive the electric fan is not 100% efficient, so the engine will have to make slightly more power to provide the electric fan the same horsepower.

Beside above, what is the main advantage of having an electric cooling fan compared to a directly driven fan? A key advantage of electric fans is increased engine cooling and improved air conditioning cooling at idle, when it is most needed. In addition, replacing an engine-driven fan can increase horsepower and improve fuel economy as the engine drag from turning the fan is eliminated.

Secondly, are electric fans better than Clutchfans?

The clutch fan draws power from the engine due to the added load. The electric fan saves power due to no load on the engine. Clutch fans are better because they only apply a load at idle or low speed and don't require wiring Electric fans save power but add weight and require a lot of wiring

Do you need a fan shroud with electric fan?

An electric fan is preferred because when you need a fan the most (at idle or cruising speeds) an electric fan is delivering maximum air independent of engine RPMs. All shrouded fans should be on the engine side of the radiator. 3. Always use the right shroud with your fan.

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