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How much gravel do you put under pavers?

Normally you want a base layer of gravel about 4-inches deep. Four inches is one-third of a foot, so multiply the square footage by one-third to find the cubic feet of gravel you need. For a 120-square foot patio that works out to 40-cubic feet of gravel. However, gravel is usually sold by the cubic yard.

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Keeping this in consideration, what kind of gravel do you use under pavers?

The best type of gravel for a paver base is medium 3/4-inch crushed rock. This gravel comes in irregular shapes with sharp edges that wedge together when compacted. Small gravel typically contains sand-like particles that compact into a dense base that won't allow moisture to escape.

Additionally, how do you lay pavers with gravel? Spread gravel. Once pavers are in place, spread between 1 and 4 inches of your selected gravel to cover all base rock and surround the pavers. Rake smooth. The depth of the path area and base rock needed varies by region and specific site.

Also to know is, do you need gravel under pavers?

Since there is no gravel base, it's important to use a plate compactor to tamp down the soil before covering it with landscape fabric and a layer of sand. The sand layer must be screeded to provide a flat, properly sloped surface for the paver patio base panels. Lay the paver base panels over the sand bed.

How thick should the base be for pavers?

Ideal Thickness Pavers for most garden pathway applications should be 2 3/8 inches thick. The base, which is the area below the pavers, dictates the thickness specification. For example, an excavated soil site, coupled with crushed concrete and bedding sand, creates a paver base.

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