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How much does the Sanford profile diet cost?

$49 for One-Year Membership to Weight Loss Program from Profile by Sanford ($300 Value)

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Hereof, how much weight can you lose on Sanford profile?

The Research behind the Profile Promise The Profile Promise makes it clear that members will lose at least 15% of their body weight within 12 months. Let's make that real. If a member's starting weight is 215 pounds, we Promise that person will lose at least 32 pounds.

Similarly, what kind of diet is Profile by Sanford? Sanford's weight-loss plan is based on a ketogenic weight-loss approach centered on protein-heavy meal replacement shakes and bars, although from the beginning, food that members can buy from the grocery store is part of the menu.

Herein, is Profile by Sanford worth it?

Profile by Sanford Employee Reviews. I started out with this company at one location and had a great experience there! The lives you are able to touch in the time you are here make it a little worth it, but it doesn't take long to feel burnt out with this company.

How much does it cost to join profile?

You can join today for $149. That's a one-time payment for a 1-year membership. A terrific value! Includes 1-on-1 coaching, personal nutrition/activity/lifestyle plan, 20% discount on Profile foods, and a wifi Smart Body Scale + phone app to keep you connected to your coach.

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